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 Cleaning your Boat

Grab your deck and hull cleaner, or use Dawn dish soap as it is environmentally friendly.   Dawn might leave a residue behind, but you can purchase the right cleaning supplies right here at R&M Marine, Inc. 

For stains and grime on your seats use a good quality cleaner, spray and let soak then take your Magic Eraser and start in!   Follow the cleaner with mold cleaner/killer if needed, then wipe everything off with plain water and let dry.  Next use a vinyl protector, like Surface Guard.  This will help keep the elasticity in your vinyl.   If you have any teak wood on your boat, make sure to clean first, then follow-up with some teak oil for the up and coming season.   Finish off your boat with a nice coating of wax for the fiberglass and polish the metal. 





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Clean your boat for spring











Inspect your boat Portland Oregon





Inspect your Hull

This is the time to look over your boat, paying close attention to the hull, look for scratches, gouges and blisters.  These things are most important to get fixed if at or under water line.  Check your bellows (rubber part where the drive connects) if they are hard replace right away.  While spider cracking may occur above water line this is not that big of a deal.  However if you have a Wake Tower look around itís base, if there is spider cracking there, this could be a issue.  Bring it in for reinforcements to be checked.  If your boat is an outboard make sure your bolts are tight and no dry rot noticed.  Check your anodeís to make sure they are corrosion free, if not take a wire brush to them. If there is major pitting call R&M Marine, Inc. for replacements (this is most important for moored boats).   If you banged your prop the prior year it is a good thing to have R&M Marine, Inc. check for prop shaft to make sure it isn't bent. Check for frayed ropes, missing fenders, window leaks, safety equipment (NOT OUT OF DATE), lights inside and out.  Also, if you have a cabin, make sure hose clamps and fitting are on and not getting corroded.   This is also a good time to go through your tackle box and clean it out.










When was the last time you replaced your impeller - (Water Pump)

Your impeller is made of neoprene, this will become brittle over time, and can allow breakage.  If your water pump fails to pump water, you may an expensive overheat or have to get towed in. Don't let it be you, don't risk your motors, it's an expensive fix if you blow your motor, so just get your water pump done today! That way you wont waste your boating time, trying to get the motor replaced, or rebuilt... Once the water pump is done write down the year it was done then you know, and in three years you should get it done again.


Other Things to do

Put battery on a slow trickle charge for optimal charge, make sure terminals are clean and corrosion free. Do your oil change if you not in our program (we encourage our customers to do oil change/GP service at time of Winterize to save your pocket book).  Make sure all your hoses are connected inside the motor or Call R&M Marine, Inc. and schedule your Drive-up Drive-out de-winterize.  It takes around 20 minutes and your done, donít even unhook your boat. Check trailer lights, grease winch and swing tongue, look for corroded wires, inspect tires and pack bearings.


Best practice for boating is be prepared.  Below is a list of items to get you started:










Boating in oregon, spring things to do to your boat.

















Water Pump Impellor?

Your water pump impellor has a life span of about 3-5 years and should be done as a part

of your maintenance on the boat.   The water pump is the life line to good times on the river.  It has a mind of it's own and when it decides to go out, most likely you are done for the day and will need to be towed in. 

ALSO when you first purchase a boat unless you have paperwork stating this has been done, replace your water pump.



Have you checked your Bellows?

Did you know your bellows need changed every two years with Volvo Penta drives

and every 3-5 years with Mercruiser drive units? 

Have you checked yours lately?

The bellows are a water seal and is the large black rubber tubing that surrounds the

u-joints and also protects the gimble bearing.  You can see these from the back of

the boat and is where the drive unit goes into the stern of the boat, if you see

cracking on these parts, you are at extreme risk of damage, bring your boat in immediately

 for replacement (R&R U-joint Bellows.)

R&M Marine, INC. believes in maintenance rather than repairs, there is a dramatic

cost difference. 


Remember Maintaining your boat makes for happy boats as well as happy boaters.



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